about this site and ways to help

So we're not officially launched yet, but there are people checking out the site here and there.  A few things to keep in mind:

1. The time between our initial launch (Spring) and our massive re-launch (Fall) is going to be time for filling in the blanks in our database.  Some organizations just haven't sent in their info yet.  Others are simply missing.  In particular, we don't have a lot of environmental justice organizations listed.  Also don't have links for getting plugged into Democrat and Green Party organizations.  Those are just examples.  If you can help fill in these blanks, shoot us an email (mnactivist@gmail.com).  Along those lines, feel free to hit us up about any suggestions, criticisms, thoughts or ideas.

2.  We're going to do some video stuff to go along with the essays in the "Tips for Activists" section.  That section will also be expanded with room for debate and feedback.  We want to hear your tips and ideas too!

3. If you're an activist, or just someone who has some ideas, and you want to meet up (in person or online) to discuss them, shoot an email to mnactivist@gmail.com.  This is a community effort.

Thanks for the support!

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