About MN Activist

MN Activist is a resource for anyone trying to get involved in the movement for progressive social change in the Twin Cities and beyond. Our mission is to help plug people into existing organizations that are doing good work.

A guiding principle of this project is the idea that people aren't apathetic. They may be disillusioned or cynical, but most people really do want to make a difference. They might just not know where or how to plug in. Activist organizations don't always do a good job of making it easy for people to get involved, after all. We are here to help remedy that, to help streamline the transition from thought to action.

A few more notes about MN Activist:

1. It's important to remember that this database is simply a starting point. You may have to do some more exploring on your own. We're also not listing every organization that does good work in the area. We're trying to focus on groups that:
  • Are involved in organizing-- not volunteer work or charity. Those things are great, but that's not what this site is about, with some exceptions.
  • Are active, effective and demonstrably interested in growing.
  • Are groups that anyone can join right away and start working with. We're also including some groups or entities that people should just know about, even if it may be harder to directly plug in.
2. Though the title is "MN Activist," we're primarily focused on the Twin Cities, at least for now.  Expanding the database to include other cities is definitely a goal for the future, though.

3. MN Activist was founded by Guante in 2010. After hatching the idea, he set up meetings with dozens of local activists, and today we've got a small team dedicated to making the site as effective as it can be. We are tied to no existing organizations or entities. It costs next-to-nothing to run the site, so we don't have to apply for grants or ask for donations. This website is a work in progress. It probably always will be.

4. Not in Minnesota? PLEASE steal this idea and make a database-- even if it's just a google doc or something-- for your community.