Communication: education, arts, media, etc.

TruArtSpeaks utilizes elements of Hip Hop, Spoken Word, and the arts to promote literacy and develop leadership in the communities we serve while supporting a generation of vibrant young voices as they make their claim on the world. We provide a platform for youth to find, develop, study, and share their stories in safe spaces. TruArtSpeaks dares participants to give back and become agents of the change they seek, while remaining students of the culture and histories past. Twitter. Facebook.

Juxtaposition Arts
Juxta's mission is to empower youth and community to use the arts to actualize their full potential. Programs are based on a college level model and include hands on art creation, art critique and interpretation, the study of art history, and youth art exhibitions. Twitter. Facebook.

Line Break Media
Line Break Media exists to support groups and individuals working for justice in their communities through multimedia production and training. Founded in the Spring of 2011, Line Break Media has aided movements for justice in communities across the globe by providing multimedia and communications support. Twitter. Facebook.

Intermedia Arts
A multidisciplinary, multicultural arts center, Intermedia Arts supports a broad spectrum of artists, with a particular focus on voices you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. We come to the art from the issue, focusing on the impact an artist or organization can have on a community. We are multi-lingual and many-cultural, empowering artists and young people to tell their stories, in their own words and ways. Then we gather the community to listen, to see and to respond. Intermedia Arts is located at 2822 Lyndale Ave. South in Minneapolis.  People wanting to connect/volunteer and go here. Twitter. Facebook.

Million Artist Movement
Million Artist Movement is global vision and movement that believes in the role of Art in the campaign to dismantle oppressive racist systems against Black, Brown, Indigenous and disenfranchised peoples. Facebook.

The Yarn Mission
The Yarn Mission uses knitting to support and contribute to the struggle for Black Liberation. Twitter. Facebook.

Twin Cities Media Alliance
The Twin Cities Media Alliance began in the winter of 2005 with the mission of bringing together media professionals and engaged citizens to improve the quality, accountability and diversity of the local media, and giving the public the tools they need to become more active participants in the emerging media environment. Twitter. Facebook.

Unicorn Riot
Unicorn Riot’s purpose is to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard, and broadcast the stories that might otherwise go untold, as we further understanding of dynamic social struggles. We are committed to producing media that exposes root causes of social conflict and explores sustainable alternatives in today’s globalized world. Twitter. Facebook.

Center for Hmong Arts and Talent
CHAT exists to nurture, explore and illuminate the Hmong American experience through artistic expressions. CHAT envisions a vibrant community where Hmong American artists are inspired to share their perspectives, valued for their creative contributions, and empowered to challenge life’s boundaries. Facebook.

Public Education Justice Alliance of Minnesota (PEJAM)
We are a grassroots community organization of teachers, parents, students, and community members dedicated to defending and supporting a fully funded, just, equitable, and democratic system of public education. Public education is an essential foundation of any truly democratic and just society.  More goals and points-of-unity here.  PEJAM has been active in the movement to save North High School and Cityview K-8 in Minneapolis.

Progressive Technology Project
PTP was founded by grassroots organizers to support progressive community-led organizing in low income communities and communities of color. Our mission is to help community-led organizations achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. Our programs help community organizers build their skills and understanding to integrate technology into the work of the organizations. To do this, PTP provides a range of services including training, technical assistance, and consulting.

Main Street Project
The Main Street Project works to document the strengths and challenges facing people in increasingly diverse rural and urban communities, give voice to their hopes and aspirations, and provide creative and practical tools to turn possibilities into realities. Through programs focused on the need for media justice, economic development opportunities and broader civic participation, our commitment is to strengthen local capacity for problem solving - so that answers to challenges come directly from the community. Twitter. Facebook.

Civic Media/Minnesota and Truth To Tell Radio
We are a local nonprofit created to bring media literacy and civic literacy through information, education and empowerment of residents and student in local, state and regional public affairs. Our main purpose is to engage citizens and students in understanding issues of governance and public policy, critiquing media coverage of critical policy matters, encouraging public discourse and taking collective action to resolve problems and influencing public policy.  Radios show "Truth To Tell" airs on KFAI Mondays at 9am.