An Update for 2021

Hello- this site launched way back in 2011, independent of any specific organization or support structure, so it goes without saying that the database itself is likely a bit outdated at this point. It may still be a useful starting point for people looking to get a "snapshot" of what kind of work is happening here, but please keep that context in mind!

The list of links in the column to the left (if you're on the mobile site, you'll need to click on "web version") is a bit more up-to-date.

An MN Activist REFRESH

I'm posting this the day after the 2016 election (my thoughts on that here). This site's database is being updated right now-- adding new organizations, deleting defunct ones, updating info, etc. There's a long way to go; feel free to get in touch with suggestions.

Additionally, some new writing: For People Who Want to "Do" Something But Don't Know Where to Start

For now, I wanted to highlight some organizations that have been particularly active lately, right here on the home page, as opposed to in the database itself. As always, these are not "endorsements" of one org over another; it's just a snapshot of what I've seen. It's a starting point, as this entire website is. If you are able, dive in, get involved: