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I'm posting this the day after the 2016 election (my thoughts on that here). This site's database is being updated right now-- adding new organizations, deleting defunct ones, updating info, etc. There's a long way to go; feel free to get in touch with suggestions.

Additionally, some new writing: For People Who Want to "Do" Something But Don't Know Where to Start

For now, I wanted to highlight some organizations that have been particularly active lately, right here on the home page, as opposed to in the database itself. As always, these are not "endorsements" of one org over another; it's just a snapshot of what I've seen. It's a starting point, as this entire website is. If you are able, dive in, get involved:

Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC)
NOC is a member-led, grassroots organizing nonprofit committed to building power for low- and moderate-income Minnesotans. Together, NOC members from across the Twin Cities fight for racial and economic justice. We're building powerful, active campaigns to improve public schools, stop the foreclosure crisis, increase civic engagement, and make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. TwitterFacebook.

TakeAction Minnesota (includes many affiliate groups)
TakeAction Minnesota works to make change that matters to Minnesotans. We do this by organizing individuals to lead in their local communities, building dynamic coalitions that criss-cross the state, training and educating people to engage in public action.  We are composed of 21 organizational members (from disability rights to unions to environmental justice and much more-- take a look at this page), which include the largest grassroots organizations in the state, as well as 11,000 individual members. TwitterFacebook.

Voices for Racial Justice
Voices for Racial Justice works with communities of color to lead the way toward a more inclusive and equitable Minnesota. Today our work also produces and supports the many tools, resources, and convenings necessary to achieve racial equity in our state. We work with communities to build racial equity into conversations about education, economic opportunity, health, safe neighborhoods, affordable housing, public transportation, criminal justice, and more. TwitterFacebook.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis
Central resource for the Twin Cities area movement for Black lives. Twitter.

Navigate MN
NAVIGATE is a leadership development program for immigrant young adults in Minnesota facing financial, social and legal barriers to achieve their dreams through changing unjust systems. Through NAVIGATE, these young adults help their community and themselves by working to access college education, jobs and legal status. TwitterFacebook.

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL)
CTUL is an organization where workers build power to lead the struggle for fair wages, better working conditions, basic respect, and a voice in our workplaces. We are an organization of workers and for workers, committed to winning this struggle and in doing so, create a better future for the next generation. TwitterFacebook.

OutFront Minnesota
OutFront Minnesota's mission is to create a powerful state-wide movement to end all forms of GLBT discrimination that includes marriage equality as part of its initiatives and programs. OutFront Minnesota delivers programs and services to the GLBT and allied community in the area of public policy, anti-violence, education and training, and the law. TwitterFacebook.

Mission: to articulate and pursue through the media, the institutions of government, the courts and other legal means the concerns of students on issues of general public interest. These areas will include environmental preservation, consumer protection, and the role of corporation and government agencies in the lives of the average citizen. TwitterFacebook.

The Exchange
The Exchange is a Queer Community Space, a partnership between the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition and RARE Productions. The space is used for MTHC Programming including hang out space during Shot Clinic, many different groups, meetings and safe spaces, it houses the Gender Gear Program, Winter Gear Program, Food Shelf and a visual Art gallery.

Indigenous Environmental Network
Indigenous Peoples are Rising Up in Solidarity to defend our Rights as Indigenous Peoples; to protect the Sacredness of, the Territorial Integrity of, and Rights of (Grandmother) Mother Earth; and the Rights of Future Generations. We are building solidarity from the Global South to the North to fulfill our sacred duties, listening to the teachings of our elders and the voices of our youth and women, to act wisely to carry out our responsibilities to enhance the health and respect the sacredness of Mother Earth, and to demand climate justice now. Indigenous Peoples will not stand idle as we tell the world the Earth is the source of life to be protected, not merely a resource to be exploited. TwitterFacebook.

TruArtSpeaks utilizes elements of Hip Hop, Spoken Word, and the arts to promote literacy and develop leadership in the communities we serve while supporting a generation of vibrant young voices as they make their claim on the world. We provide a platform for youth to find, develop, study, and share their stories in safe spaces. TruArtSpeaks dares participants to give back and become agents of the change they seek, while remaining students of the culture and histories past. TwitterFacebook.

Juxtaposition Arts
Juxta's mission is to empower youth and community to use the arts to actualize their full potential. Programs are based on a college level model and include hands on art creation, art critique and interpretation, the study of art history, and youth art exhibitions. TwitterFacebook.

Line Break Media
Line Break Media exists to support groups and individuals working for justice in their communities through multimedia production and training. Founded in the Spring of 2011, Line Break Media has aided movements for justice in communities across the globe by providing multimedia and communications support. TwitterFacebook.

Intermedia Arts
A multidisciplinary, multicultural arts center, Intermedia Arts supports a broad spectrum of artists, with a particular focus on voices you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. We come to the art from the issue, focusing on the impact an artist or organization can have on a community. We are multi-lingual and many-cultural, empowering artists and young people to tell their stories, in their own words and ways. Then we gather the community to listen, to see and to respond. Intermedia Arts is located at 2822 Lyndale Ave. South in Minneapolis.  People wanting to connect/volunteer and go hereTwitterFacebook.

Twin Cities Media Alliance
The Twin Cities Media Alliance began in the winter of 2005 with the mission of bringing together media professionals and engaged citizens to improve the quality, accountability and diversity of the local media, and giving the public the tools they need to become more active participants in the emerging media environment. TwitterFacebook.

Unicorn Riot
Unicorn Riot’s purpose is to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard, and broadcast the stories that might otherwise go untold, as we further understanding of dynamic social struggles. We are committed to producing media that exposes root causes of social conflict and explores sustainable alternatives in today’s globalized world. TwitterFacebook.

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