Twin Cities Activist Wishlist

What could make this movement stronger?  Post your TC activist wishlists in the comments, whether specific action points or general ideas.  A few examples, some more idealistic than others:

1. There seems to be void where YO! The Movement used to be.  It'd be cool to see another organization come up that engages young people, especially young people of color, around the issues that are important to them and has real, genuine ties to the hip hop community.  There's a vast reservoir of untapped energy there.

2. More artist/activist collaboration.  I'd like to see more organizations co-sponsoring concerts-- the organization helps spread the word about the event, and in return, they can talk between acts, have an informational table and distribute leaflets or whatever.  It's not a revolutionary concept, but it's so simple that there's no reason not to have more of it going on.  Everybody wins.

3. I'd like to see more events planned out beyond "this person talks, and then this person talks, and then this person talks, and then there's a song."  Rallies, teach-ins and demonstrations should be dynamic, entertaining events-- not "entertaining" as in saccharine, watered-down escapism, but as in engaging and powerful.  Plot the arc of a given event-- give it peaks and valleys, make sure the speakers are engaging, have action points, have the NEXT event planned out already, etc.

4. This is an obvious one, but we can always have more cross-issue collaboration.  All of the issues that we care about are intertwined, even when it's not so obvious, and we can all benefit from working together more.

5. This is random, but it'd be cool to see a video-blog series focused on progressive actions and issues in Minnesota.  Something a lot of people could get behind and help promote.  New media is important.

So those are just a few.  What are the points on your wishlist?

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